Александра Колесова, круиз «Ленские столбы»

I want to thank “Lenaturflot” for what we spent an unforgettable weekend. Contests, songs, dances and movies. Food is great. And as the children were happy, just can not describe! They even were upset that it was over so quickly. I recommend a cruise on the ship “Mikhail Svetlov”!

Татьяна Энденко

I want to say a huge thank you for the well-organized cruise all participants in the host country:
– Cruise Director Larissa manager Svetlana, lecturers and Aitaly Capitolina, khomusists Dmitry Artemyev, the leading circle of needlework Margarita and Valerie for attention, care and dedication in the business (how many new things about the culture of the Yakut heard in lectures, which saw interesting films);
– Courtesy of the restaurant staff, delicious abundance without repeat every day;
– Ship reliable team for the peaceful and safe journey whatever the weather, with the virtuosity of moorings.
 Thank you all for your warm hospitality, comfort, organization of interesting and informative stay!
 You are best! These professionals!
  Lovely region, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), wonderful people, warmly welcome tourists at bus stops – unforgettable!
 I wish you more curious tourists, to maintain an excellent level of service, further development and prosperity!
  Regards, Tatiana.

Globus Tour




I asked the German tour company the rest of the tourists Joost.
Below is a letter:
“In general, thank you very much for the tour organization for our customers! They just love it! On Wednesday arrived home on Thursday already come at 10 am in the office with photos and positive emotions. Really liked Russian nature, satisfied with the organization (they are very worried that the airport should not be met or problems understanding on board encounter, but it was the type of the top!), Of course, they impressed the Russian cuisine, and were pleasantly surprised by the service: they say, that the impression that the staff is doing its job on the board happy! 2:00 looking photos and listening admiring stories, previous poedka in New Zealand and Korea has not made such an impression on them as a cruise along the Lena “

Лариса Москалева, Евгений Москалев. (второй арктический круиз, с 25 июля 2016 года)




Dear friends!

Upon returning from the trip are writing to sincerely thank you for your wonderful cruise organized by the Arctic! Special thanks to the Director and Svetlana Larissa cruise manager, guest lecturers and Aitaly Kapitolina Yakovlev translator Nicholas heads mug Yakut crafts Valerie and Margarita, khomusists Dmitry Artemyev, the employees of the restaurant, the ship crew and all the staff.

I liked everything: the very clear organization without a minute of downtime, and the hospitality and friendly attitude. Evgeny, met us at the airport of Yakutsk, even had a mini-tour of the road hotel, that was very nice. It seemed that, once on board the ship “Mikhail Svetlov”, we were in caring hands, who took all the arrangements themselves. Organizers have tried to do everything possible for a very interesting and cognitive rest: movies about Yakutia, lectures and a great idea about the training Yakut handicrafts, which has managed to captivate a wide variety of travelers from our group. It is the way it was, and familiarity with the culture of the Yakut as training games on khomus with Dmitry and mastering the basics of the Yakut language with Larissa and Veronica. Thoughtful were even seemingly small things. For example, to see the sights, by which the ship took place at night (Agrafena Island, Island Post, Cape Bykovskii), it was possible to ask for a wake up time of the passage of these attractions. Cleaning cabins have tried to carry out during breakfast, ie possible to make invisible to guests. It is the “guests” called passengers, which is very nice and also speaks about the attitude of the organizers. And in the trip it was so comfortable with all staff, sincerely sorry that even had to leave. This is the rare case when you want to talk in superlatives! Really great!

Special thanks to the staff of the restaurant is very tasty, varied food and kindness! For seven days journey from Yakutsk to Tiksi was no repetition. On the contrary, the cook tried to surprise the most diverse, including national dishes.
Special mention deserves the very good English translator Nicholas language that we believe would be appreciated by tourists from New Zealand.

We sincerely wish you continued development, the further development and, of course, even more Russian and foreign tourists on board! And for its part, will do everything to such a wonderful trip to learn as many people as possible.

Best wishes from Voronezh,

Larisa Moskalev,
Eugene Moskalev.
(Second arctic cruise, 25 July 2016)

Александр и Андрей Богуславские, Валентина Щепоткина, Наталья Стрельникова.

Recently returned from a cruise to Yakutsk – Tiksi – Yakutsk.
I would like to thank the company for the excellent organization of the visit, the highest level of service, and a great variety of food, an interesting program. I can say with certainty that such a wonderful holiday in my practice before the cruise did not happen. Mulls new ride for 2017 up to Lena. It’s a shame that Lena cruises almost no one knows. Have more advertising in the European and CIS countries and far abroad. Thanks again.

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