Lenaturflot LLC was established by the Lena River Steamship joint stock company (LORP) in 2003. The aim of the separate entity of the company was to provide space for the development of economic activities in the difficult position of the tourist market of Russia. For 7 years the company had been exploiting only one Demiyan Bednii motor ship, the visiting card of Sakha Republic. Different conferences and meetings of federal and international levels were held aboard.

At the end of 2010 before the company was set a task to increase the efficiency of the company by expanding the geography of passenger traffics and increasing the attractiveness of river tourism. The plan of modernization of Demiyan Bednii MS was confirmed. High-speed passenger ships and loading docks of the Lena River Steamship joint stock company branch in Peledyi were conveyed to Lenaturflot.

Since 2011 Lenaturflot has commenced an operation of Rocket-222, Polesiye-112 passenger hydrofoils on Lensk – Vitim line. Following the results of the first half of the navigation, program of high-speed fleet modernization was adopted.  To the end of navigation Voskhod-38, Voskhod-53, Polesiye-36 motor ships were bought and delivered from the European part of Russia to Peledui.

In June 2012, Polesiye-36 motor ship began to work on Khandyga – Ust Maya new passenger line, the company returned Mechanic Kulibin passenger ship, running on Yakutsk – Neelovo (Tiksi) – Yakutsk route. In July Raketa-222 was changed by the more modern Voskhod-38. Acquired for emergency evacuation of passengers and crew members, as well as monitoring the water surface during the ice and flood events helicopter Robinson R-44 coped with all the tasks.

In 2013 Lensk-Olyokminsk new transit route was added. The modernized Voskhod-53 MS started to work. Polesiye 12 was bought for establishing of a critical depth of the Middle Lena. In July the Lena River Steamship joint stock company bought Mikhail Svetlov MS, which was sold to Alrosa-hotels ltd in 1999, and conveyed it to Lenaturflot LLC. In order to fix up the population of the Lower Lena with food and fast moving consumer goods since August the regular freights aboard Peter Vakhromeev motor ship on Yakutsk-Tiksi route were organized.

In 2014 Lenaturflot becomes a tour operator of  a cruise ship “Mikhail Svetlov”.  It was released in the navigation after a significant increase in comfort (similar to the modernization project of “Demian Bedny”).

Passenger routes were added by another line Peleduy Kirensk.  “Polesye-49” (former Polesie-12) hydrofoil was attached to the new route. The total length of passenger lines was almost 3200 km. Hydrofoil fleet modernization program for the period of 2011-2014. Was finally ended and modernized “Polesye-112” and “Voskhod-38” returned to their service.

In 2015, in order to improve performance Lenaturflot was reorganized into a group of companies. LLC “Lenaturflot” performed as the  host company; LLC “Lenaturflot-SPK” – passenger hydrofoils (SEC); LLC “Lenaturflot-K” – cargo transportation (m / v “Mekhanik Koulibin”); LLC “Lenaturflot-B” – cruises south direction (m / v “Demian Bedny”); LLC “Lenaturflot-S” – cruises of the northern direction (m / v “Mikhail Svetlov”).

Line Peleduy – Kirensk was extended to Ust-Kut. The Company disclaims operating experience accumulated line Khandyga – Ust-Maya. The newly reborn cruise Yakutsk-Lena Cheeks-Yakutsk.

In September a hydrofoil “Voskhod-43” was purchased from Krasnoyarsk for Peledui reserve.

Government of Yakutia for the first time decided to subsidize the operation of m / v “Mekhanik Koulibin”.

In 2016  “Mikhail Svetlov” became the center of innovations: two main engines were replaced, giving the vessel a speed boost and improve its performance; in June the ship performed the role of children’s camp, served as a platform for literary readings with Yevtushenko EA .; in September was also the first time made the commercial health cruise with a visit to the Lena Pillars and Buotomy; cruises on the Lena Pillars and «Love is FISH” concerts made by the poet and composer Mogilev AI .. “Demian Bedny” in July made an unprecedented 17-day expedition and fishing cruise, accompanied by a helicopter Eurocopter EC-130, and a fleet of boats board along the route Yakutsk-Stolb island-Yakutsk. The entire passenger fleet operated the same way as the previous navigation, SEC have been involved in three passenger lines Ust-Kut – Peleduy – Lensk – Olekminsk. Carried out assembly work on the hydrofoil “Voskhod-43”.

In 2019 the company’s activity was carried out without changes . “Demyan Bednyi” completed the cruise Ust-Kut – Yakutsk, “Mikhail Svetlov”  – 4 Arctic cruises to Tiksi and the fishing cruise “Love is Rybka”. In addition, each of them cruised to the Lena Pillars. “Mechanic Kulibin”, after eplacing aft kit and trim at the usual time got on the Yakutsk – Tiksi line, making 8 sailings in navigation. In high-speed transportations on the lines Ust-Kut – Peledui – Lensk – Olekminsk  5 hydrofoil vessels  were involved. These are Voskhod-38, -53 “and” Polesye-36, -49, -112 “. In September, “Demyan Bednyi” was put up for hot repair in Yakutsk to replace three diesel generators of a ship power station. In June, in order to create a reserve, the m / v Polesye-11 was purchased and delivered to Yakutsk


Lenaturflot LLC Predecessors

Passenger transportation department of Lena Steamship organized cruises down the Lena River from long ago. Popular motor ships in USSR times were Krasnoyarsk motor ship, Russia motor ship, 40 years to AULYCL motor ship, Blagoveshensk motor ship and Mechanic Kulibin motor ship.

Except Mechanic Kulibin all of these motor ships were pensioned off in the beginning and in the middle of 90s. The reason was protracted crisis after USSR breakup.

According to state plan, Yakut Autonomous Soviet Republic got Demiyan Bednii, a modern Austrian motor ship in 1986. This event made a big public attention. Motor ship interior, comfort and automatic doors were made a figure among the journalists and residents.

Lena Steamship set a goal to attract foreign tourists for international tourism promotion in Yakutia. Passenger transportation department of Lena Steamship was instructed to take on this goal. Contracts were concluded with many foreign travel companies. Olympia Reisen, the biggest travel company of Germany, gave the largest amount of tourists. This travel company properly cooperated with Lena Steamship up to 2007.

In 1988 Mikhail Svetlov, the identic motor ship, was brought from Ob and Irtysh Steamship in Yakutia.

In 1991 Lenarechflot, an external-economic firm, was made for promotion of foreign tourism. This firm successfully exploited both motor ships.

The crises of 1998 didn’t leave any chance for the running of cruise motor ships’ revenue-producing service.   Mikhail Svetlov was cocooned. After one year it was decided to sell Mikhail Svetlov to ALROSA, the biggest mountain company of Yakutia. The fire on the Captain Ponomarev motor ship and its wreckage made this decision.

Demiyan Bednii and Mechanic Kulibin motor ships were transported from one department to the other department up to 2003. No structural subdivision wanted to work with lossmaking fund.

In 2003 by the rule of thumb the guidance of steamship made a subsidiary company for the effective motor ship exploitation.