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Yakutsk - Taimenyj Island - Yakutsk, 96-hr Fishing Cruis

Fishing cruise is carried out every year in the beginning of September. Demiyan Bednii motor ship departs in 72 hour cruise to Taimenii Island.
Taimenii Island is a wonderful picture of autumn colors contrasted with the great Lena River. A lot of small osier-bed islands are situated around Taimenii Island.
This cruise is appropriate for inveterate fishermen and family vacation. A lot of fishermen go with their kids and wives because fishing combines calm and steady atmosphere and comfortable motor ship.
As a rule, fishing starts from the early morning and finishes with the sunset. Fishermen are transported to the different locations on the motor boats. A lot of people take rubber boats with outboard engines, some people prefers metallic boats of Kazanka type. Our motor ship has everything necessary: single-arm davit and manipulator.
There are pike, goldilocks, or fe and perch on the Taimenii Island. Pike, the trophy fish, carries weight of 12 kilos in 2012. In 2013 the captured pike had a weight of 10, 5 kilos.
Different contests are carrying out for kids and adults on the motor ship. The main prize is awarded for the trophy fish, the other prize is awarded for the first place in the contest called Speedy Fishing.
Our fishing cruise is an ideal way of vacation in anticipation of a long winter. The lovers of fishing and people who like to relax in the calm atmosphere contrasted with the wild taiga will like our cruise.