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Yakutsk - Lena Pillars - Yakutsk, 48 hr
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 Famous Lena Pillars are majestic cliffs with the height of 100-200 meters. These cliffs spread over the Lena Rivers’ right bank. The spread is 40 kilometers. Lena Pillars are situated 200 kilometers above Yakutsk city and made of Cambrian limestone. The beginning of rock formation made this natural landmark is dated by the early Cambrian period (560-540 mln. years ago). The formation of Lena Pillars as a landform is dated by a later period-about 400 thousand years ago. Time, fall-out, river water and wind gave the cliffs strange and magic forms. Lena Pillars National Nature Park was based in February, 1995. The square of park is 485 thousand hectares. Lena Pillars were included in the list of UNESCO world heritage in June, 2012. You can see traditional welcoming ritual with the cleanup ceremony and make hill climbing where you will admire a beautiful sight on the Lena River and its wonderful neighborhood.